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Fiat Ducato Uconnect 5 Satellite Navigation Updates

We have provided a step-by-step guide as well as an important notice you should read before updating your Fiat Ducato Uconnect 5 Satellite Navigation System software.

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TomTom Navigation map update procedure Continental VP2 5-inch Navigation Infotainment Head Unit

Updating the Uconnect 5’’ nav system map

To install an update for a map installed on the system, proceed as follows:

Prepare a USB device:

Install TomTom HOME and create a MyTomTom account, if this operation has still not been carried out.

Download the map >>
Install the new map >>

To update the map, a USB device that meets the following requirements must be used:

To prepare a USB device, proceed as follows:

Ensure that the map you wish to update is active in the navigation system. If the navigation system has several maps and you wish to update a map which is not currently active, activate the map. To do this, select “Change map” in the “Settings” menu of the navigation application.

Select “Navigation updates” in the “Settings” menu. You are asked whether you wish to prepare a USB device for downloading updates.

Select “Yes“.
Insert the USB device.

The system starts to prepare the USB device.

When the USB device is ready, the following message is displayed:

“Remove the USB device and connect it to the computer. The new map can now be downloaded to the USB device.”

TomTom HOME installation

To install TomTom HOME and create a MyTomTom account, proceed as follows:

Download and install the TomTom HOME application on the computer. On the computer, access www.tomtom.com/getstarted. Select “Download TomTom HOME“, then follow the instructions provided.
Connect the prepared USB device to the computer: TomTom HOME is launched automatically.
Select “Enter” in the top right corner of TomTom HOME.

Select “Create account” and enter the required details to create a MyTomTom account. A MyTomTom account is required to receive map updates.

After the account is created, you are asked whether you wish to connect the uconnect™ system to your account. The USB device prepared represents the uconnect™ system.

Select “Connect device“, then select “Close”.
A map can now be downloaded to the USB device.

Download the map >>

To check availability or purchase a map, make sure that you have prepared a USB device and installed Tom Tom HOME on your computer.

Connect the USB device to the computer.

Installing the map

The update must be carried out with engine on and might last more than 30 minutes.
Never remove the USB stick in order not to compromise the map update.

After downloading a map to the USB device, it can be installed on the system. Proceed as follows:

The system starts updating the map.


Do not remove the USB device and do not disconnect the system’s power supply before the update is complete. The system cannot be used until the update is completed correctly. If the system update is interrupted, start it again.

Once the map has been updated, the following message is displayed.

Select “Close“: the new map is now available on the system

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