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John, Underwood QLD

The woman in the Service Centre plus Roy and also the gentleman who washed and cleaned the motorhome after the service. The service was completely different to last years service that did not satisfy me.

Tony, Buderim

The service receptionist was very friendly & offered refreshments when we first arrived & again when we picked the vehicle up. The guy that took us to the the shopping center was very friendly & we had a good conversation both on the way to & from the shopping center & also did a good …

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E, Suffolk Park, NSW

WOW score 10 The front office Staff Vera & I think, Steve were great! & the gentleman who drove me to & from Garden City were all great! No complaints from me &seriously I am someone who would let you know if something wasn’t right. So thanks again

G, Lower Beachmont

Steven at the service desk gave exceptional service, being in a trade, having my van off the road costs money. They went above and beyond to get me back to work.

M, Nerang

Steven took the time to listen to me explaining in my non technical terms what was wrong. He was able to verify what I needed and patiently explained the problem to me and organise the replacement part. He contacted me when the part arrived and arranged a service.

K, Wishart

The service manager could not be more helpful

Jacob, Brisbane, Qld

Roy. Understands the urgency of my business and tries to get my servicing though quickly.

Jerry C, Mansfield QLD

Well Done Stephen, Was able to talk to head mechanic prior to having service and repairs done .

Jan, Ipswitch, QLD

The vehicle has performed extremely well and the fuel consumption has been good considering the weight of the vehicle. Being a motor home, the front wheel drive can cause some difficulty in certain conditions. I think the front wheel spring suspension could be better as it tends to bottom out on western roads.