East Coast Commercials Service Centre

Have you skipped a service or been overdue for an oil change?

  • Frequently drive in stop start traffic?

  • Overheated the engine?

  • Don’t drive your car very often or only travel short distances over a long period of time?

Look carefully at your owner’s handbook. Manufactures recommend more frequent oil changes if the vehicle is used under “severe conditions”, to prevent sludge forming. Typical city use is one of the operating conditions defined as “severe”. Severe conditions are not all that uncommon, especially on our heavily congested Brisbane Road Network. It has been estimated that we operate our vehicles 80% of the time under “severe conditions” Your Engine Could Look Like This Inside! These driving conditions mean your car may require additional servicing :
  • Repeated Short Distance Driving ( e.g. Driving less then 8 km’s per trip )
  • Extreme Heat, (slow driving speeds and long idling periods lead to high under bonnet temperatures Clean Oil Pan
  • Engine Overheating
  • Extreme Cold
  • Extensive idling or long periods of stop start driving 
  • Towing a Trailer or Caravan, or driving in Mountainous Conditions 
  • Driving in Muddy, or dusty road.
Changing oil regularly is an essential part of a vehicles maintenance schedule. Bottom line is you can never change engine’s oil to often. Don’t neglect your engines health, Oil is Cheap, engines aren’t!