East Coast Commercials Service Centre

Facts About Ducato Series 7 AdBlue Messages

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid which is necessary to reduce the harmful gases
being released into the atmosphere. Consumption of Adblue depends on the
individual driving style so it is recommended to calculate your consumption per
100kms, using the instructions below…

  1. The Adblue tank has a capacity of 19 litres, so if possible, fill the tank at a service station, ensuring though, that when the pump shuts off, DO NOT attempt to add more.
  2. Over filling could permanently damage the level sensor.
  3. When travelling, it is wise to carry a container of at least 5 litres of Adblue
    After adding Adblue to the tank, wait for approximately 3 minutes before turning the ignition on. After switching the ignition on, wait until the adblue light goes out which confirms the correct tank fill amount.
  4. Whilst driving, a warning Adblue light may appear on the dashboard. The computer is configured to a European usage standard which is different to Australian driving conditions, therefore, ignore any Adblue warning lights that may illuminate and continue driving. The most important issue is to establish an initial usage pattern of Adblue consumption (litres) for each 100km travelled, therefore, after ensuring the Adblue tank is full, or after adding a known amount of Adblue, set your A or B trip meter to zero.
  5. Continue driving, again ignoring any Adblue warning lights. After approximately 2,000 to 3,000km a warning message will appear on the dashboard showing 600km with the words “Add Adblue now”. 
  6. A second warning message at 600km will display and will continue counting down the displayed km. If by the 200km mark Adblue has not been added, it is imperative to NOT TURN OFF the engine as it will not start until Adblue is added. Therefore, we recommend strongly that Adblue is added at approximately the 600km warning stage.
  7. Now you will know that you have used 18L of Adblue, with 1L remaining for the 600km, so divide 18 litres into the km’s travelled to establish how many litres of Adblue per km you have used. You now have the estimated distance per litre This warning may come up at a time when there is no service station in the area in which you are travelling, hence, we advise you to carry a container of Adblue at all times and top up regularly especially during long journeys Always remember, after refilling, always wait for approximately 3 minutes before switching the ignition on, then after switching the ignition back on in the MAR/RUN/ON position, wait until the Adblue light no longer appears ensuring the correct filling is confirmed
    Adblue is considered a stable product and can be stored for at least one year in a cool, dry environment with temp between 12-32 degrees Celsius


 1st alert – approx 2,400km of Adblue remaining – no need to refill
 2nd alert – 600km of Adblue remaining – refill is recommended
 3rd alert – Adblue is less than 200km – refill is absolutely required. DO NOT TURN OFF THE ENGINE UNTIL ADBLUE IS TOPPED UP

We respectfully ask all members to be aware of misinformation about Adblue and to resist any temptation to problem solve outside of these parameters and guidelines above.