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How to correctly check your oil level - Ducato Series 8

Series 8 Fiat Ducato Oil Level Gauge
  • The Fiat Ducato Series 8 2.2L engine does not have a oil level dip stick.

We are experiencing a number of customers overfilling engines because they do not correctly understand how to check the oil level.

There is a very specific set of conditions that are required to be met to get an accurate reading on the gauge. These conditions are: (Page 265 of your owners manual)

Engine Stopped
  • The engine must be at operating temperature.
  • The vehicle must be on level ground.
  • Wait a minimum of 6 minutes after the engine has been turned off.
  • Turn the ignition on without starting the engine.
  • Wait a minimum of 20 seconds before reading the oil level on the gauge.
Engine Running and Idling
  • The engine must be at operating temperature.
  • The vehicle must be on level ground.
  • Idle the engine and wait a minimum of 1 minute before checking the oil level gauge.
If you:
  • Start the engine accidentally after the 6 minute wait, you will need to wait a further 6 minutes or follow the engine running and idling procedure.
  • If the vehicle is on a lean or not level, the reading will not be correct.
  • If the engine is not at operating temperature, the reading will be incorrect.
  • If you do not get a satisfactory reading, we recommend that you recheck it again before adding any oil.
Understanding the markings on the gauge

The image attached is a simple understanding of what each marking represents.

Understanding the Gauge:
  • The total volume of oil represented on the gauge is the top (approx.) 1 litres only. 
  • Each segment between the 2 arrows in the picture is about 200ml.
  • The very bottom segment is on or below minimum.
  • The very top segment is full or overfull.
Do not:
  •  Do not put more than 1 litre of oil in the engine if the gauge is showing minimum or above. 
  • If the gauge is not reading any level, we recommend that the vehicle gets to an authorized Fiat Professional Dealer to address this issue. This may require the vehicle to be towed.
Stellantis Australia will not cover any claim where the vehicle has been overfilled with oil. To correct an overfull engine, the oil will need to be replaced and the expected cost to do so would be in the vicinity of $285.00.
If the vehicle was towed in, roadside assist may also ask the customer to pay for the towing.