East Coast Commercials Service Centre



Date of Survey: Date/Time: 9/28/2020 11:15 AM

Dealership Service NPS Rating [0 to 10]: 10

Service Adviser’s Name: Vera Mcstay

Customer WOW Comment: Vera Mcstay was our contact person when we phoned and she was so helpful and diligent about following up on the availability of parts and service time. When we arrived Vera made it easy and welcoming and guided Ronald to fill in the paperwork and guided us to the waiting area and the conveniences provided for us while we waited. During that time we were waiting we noticed staff entering the office and tending to and collecting the orders for their different tasks. We observed at all times how diligent everyone who was there was and how carefully they carried out their due care in sanitizer use and using gloves and protective covers to attend to vehicles. This business is extremely well managed and careful in applying strategies to maintain best practices in these challenging times.